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The Weekly Might Have Missed List (5/10/08)

meetingsnet.com: U.S. Court: Laptops Can Be Seized Without Cause at Borders — Always have multiple methods for getting your presentation to the show.

Speaker Susie Says: The Presentation Diet: Fill up on the right stuff — “I’ve watched leaders and managers blank out even though in rehearsal they knew exactly what they were doing.” Ideas for preventing this from happening to you.

FORTIFY YOUR OASIS: From the vaults – Flipcharts — Great ideas for avoiding flipchart problems.

speechmastery.com: Colloquialisms — “Just because you know the meaning of a word or phrase because of your background, doesn’t mean your audience does. Some phrases have been discontinued through disuse. Caution is the rule.”

Ellen Finkelstein: Turn off pop-ups when presenting — “Warning: Some of these pop-ups may appear while you’re presenting in slide show view! Not a pretty picture!”

Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint Blog: Coordinate with other speakers so you don’t duplicate content — “At a recent set of presentations by executives from the same organization, the most senior person used some of the exact same slides that the person before him used and some from another presenter.”

PowerPoint without Bullet Points!: Now this is a really really bad PowerPoint presentation — “Would you believe that someone actually put this up as a PowerPoint slide?” Unbelievable, but not unusual.

aspirecommunications.com: Inserting Audio into PowerPoint: Avoid This Problem“Let’s say you insert a sound clip and then try to play it while in slide show mode. Nothing happens! ‘That’s strange’, you think. ‘I just inserted a clip a moment ago, using the exact same procedures, and it played fine. What’s the problem?’”

Public Speaking for Geeks: More Bad Powerpoint

The Public Speaking Blog: What Do You Do When Your Jokes Are NOT Funny… — “Have you experienced the weird atmosphere which comes after a funny story you’ve cracked fell flat on the target audience?”

OhGizmo!: Magnetic LED Light Is Perfect For Cramped Spaces

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