Murphy's Law states: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." This is especially true and especially painful when there is an audience involved.



This blog was active from April, 2008 to July 2012.
It is no longer being updated. It will continue to be maintained for reference purposes.

The Weekly Might Have Missed List (5/17/08)

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog Carnival – Edition 1

The Communications Coach: Presentation Skills: Control Your Nervousness

Make Your Point with Pow’R: The worst of the worst. Introductions — “Wow!!. Three slides to say “I am the best, I have worked for 35 years with many clients, and I am fantastic. I love myself. You are lucky to be able to view my client list. I love myself. I verbosely profess to know many buzzwords” And on, and on he goes.”

Overnight Sensation: Public Speaking Success: Hostile Audiences Part 2 – How to Prevent Them

Bill O’Reilly vs. a teleprompter – VIDEO

Zallas Technologies: Pack and Pay — “Going out of town for your next meeting? Better pack light. As of this month two airlines – United Airlines and U S Airways – will now charge customers for a second piece of checked luggage.”

Bronwyn Ritchie’s Pivotal Public Speaking: Concluding Your Presentation: End With A Bang, Not With A Whimper

About Projectors: Quick Guide to Projector Resolutions

Manage Smarter: Presentation Crimes: Speaker Snafus — The Meaningless-Filler Gratuitous-Phrases Vocabulary List

Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint Blog: When stories don’t work in a presentation — “Telling your audience that your illustration comes from over 20 years ago does not inspire confidence.” PowerPoint Fonts – How to Font-Proof Your Next Presentation

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