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The Weekly Might Have Missed List (12/28/08)



Great Public Speaking: Humorous Acknowledgments To Tough Situations — “There will come a time when you will either be in front of a hostile audience or a hostile question will pop up during a relatively calm presentation. This is a tough situation at best and you have to handle it with kid gloves. Humor can save the day and maybe even help you become President.”

Talk It Up!: Second-worst hotel experience — “I had to call for the following services, which apparently didn’t come with the seminar room: lights to be turned on, projector, ancient projector to be cleaned, water (twice, only brought after I’d begun speaking), water refill, hallway lights to be turned on, bathrooms to be unlocked…”

MSN: Top 10 Tech Embarrassments You’ll Want to Avoid — “The technology-embarrassment stories you are about to read are true. Some names have been changed to protect the humiliated.”

Nick Morgan, Public Words: The problem with modern business presentations is an ancient one — “What’s happening is that both sides of this modern attempt to communicate are being hampered by ancient instincts to fight or flee.”

EventManagerBlog: 75+ tools for your next event — “Here is my gift for the holidays, the largest collection of tools you will find on this blog to organize your next event.”

VGAOK Signal Generator “is a small handheld VGA video signal generator and tester that outputs a simple color bar test pattern for the purpose of checking projectors, cables, monitors, and other related devices … There is not a good small unit for the quick testing done by general AV techs in the many situations in which a display and cabling are supplied, but the source is the clients computer that is not available during set up. This unit allows for a quick verification that you have Red, Blue, and Green Signals, as well as Vertical and Horizontal Sync.”

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