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Bookmarked: win7 demo – japanese tv show (YouTube)

win7 demo – japanese tv show (YouTube) – [Know your equipment!]

Bookmarked: Lights Go Out On Craig Ferguson (Blog Stage)

Lights Go Out On Craig Ferguson (Blog Stage) – Last night, high winds swept through Los Angeles, disrupting electricity in the city — including the television studio where comedian Craig Ferguson was busy filming The Late Late Show. [Ever lose electricity during a presentation? In addition to the general disruption it causes, power failures can start a cascade of other problems. For instance, projector lamps don't react well to being turned of suddenly with out without competing their cooling cycle. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about a building- or block-wide power failure. Just be sure the electrical service you request from the venue is adequate to the equipment you will be using so you don't cause an outage in the room you're working in.]

Bookmarked: I survived a speaker’s worst nightmare at BlogWorld! (Birmingham Blogging Academy)

I survived a speaker’s worst nightmare at BlogWorld! (Birmingham Blogging Academy) – [Sometimes things started to go wrong week or months before you even hit the stage] "When the first few attendees left my presentation early, I wasn’t fazed. … Then, a few more left. Did my slides suck? Had I forgotten to shower?? And then someone raised her hand to ask a question. Jill Stanek asked if I would be teaching about how to write better blog posts. I said, “No, maybe you have the wrong room?” No, she was in the right room… I was confused. Another attendee pulled out her printed guide and read the description for my session. The session title was right, but the conference organizers had included a summary from a different proposal I had submitted months ago. (See, print isn’t dead.) I was horrified. I had been giving the wrong presentation! I started to panic. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was embarrassed for me. I was concerned for those who had already left. I was a little ticked. And I needed a game plan. I took a deep breath."

Bookmarked: Keynote ruckus at HighEdWeb (sleary)

Keynote ruckus at HighEdWeb (sleary) – [Technology is completely dependable only in that it's sure to find new ways to punish the unprepared.] "What do 450 web nerds do when they’re trapped in a hotel ballroom listening to someone who’s insulting their intelligence? They get out their laptops and smartphones and start tweeting."

Bookmarked: Do this before using PowerPoint seriously (PPTools)

Do this before using PowerPoint seriously (PPTools) – "Before you get serious with PowerPoint, do yourself a BIG favor and change a few settings. Leaving them at their defaults can cause you to lose data or even your whole PowerPoint presentation."

Bookmarked: TRAIN WRECK (Life in Biscuit)

TRAIN WRECK (Life in Biscuit) – "I was doing great, chatting it up with the other members of the scholarship committee, planning our strategy and then while on stage waiting to present, I was still feeling fine… riiiight up until I reached the podium. I think I blacked out. My body started to sweat, I had rivers of sweat running down my back, I thought to myself.. no I'm not going to pass out… I'm going to THROW UP. THEN? THEN? my voice revolted against my brain and started shaking so hard, it sounded like I was going to cry."

Bookmarked: The Oops Factor (Two Well Read)

The Oops Factor (Two Well Read) – “It is a fact if you perform live, sooner or later you will meet with a genuine, bona fide onstage disaster. Generally, these seem to fall into two categories. The first is the self-made conflagration where lyrics evaporate into thin air, the high note that was there at sound check mysteriously vanishes in performance, clothing falls apart, and stools move themselves about the stage so that you find yourself in a heap on the floor. I could go on, but being the superstitious type I’ll stop here. The second is the stuff performance legends are made of, those moments where, despite your diligent rehearsal and careful plotting of every moment, elements beyond your control enter in and all hell breaks loose. Sometimes it comes from your fellow musicians onstage, sometimes from the tech booth, and sometimes from that ever unpredictable element, the audience.”

[Great stories in the post as well as in the comments. Artistic presentations oops are as much fun business presentation disasters.]

Bad Signs



They call the meeting venue’s electrician “Sparky”. Unfortunately it’s not so much a affectionate, if clichéd, nickname. It’s more a description of his work.

Inspired by a Nicholas Bate post from earlier in the week. (BTW, check out Nicholas’ terrific ongoing series, How To Be Brilliant: 1-50, currently on number 39.)

Bookmarked: The ten worst presentation moments (Microsoft)

The ten worst presentation moments (Microsoft) – [Posted back in 2006, it's become a classic.] "In the late 1990s I was asked to give a presentation to a group of people from a Government Agency. I didn’t want to carry all of my presentation equipment, so I asked for a projector and PowerPoint to be provided. I then turned up ready to give the presentation with my presentation on a floppy disk. In the meeting room was a 35mm slide projector. The meeting organiser pointed to the corner and said in a somewhat insulted tone,'There is the power point; we do have electricity here – we are not that backward.'”

Bookmarked: Equipment Photos (Great Public Speaking)

Equipment Photos (Great Public Speaking) – [Fantastic idea for when you're presenting overseas, wish I had thought of it.] "When I arrived as the opening speaker (after having confirmed three times an overhead projector and screen), none was to be found in the room. The manager of the gigantic ballroom could not speak English and because of tight scheduling of other events, I was not able to be in the room early as I always am. I forgot to bring my equipment photographs which would have gotten the point across to the manager immediately whether he spoke English or not. It really didn't matter though, because the projector he finally brought was so terrible I had to scrap all the overheads."