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Bookmarked: Presentation Blunders | 3xG

Presentation Blunders | 3xG – "Sometimes when your standing in front of thousands of people you really don’t want anything to go wrong, too bad. Murphy’s law seems to apply less to engineering these days and more to IT. So here’s our top 5 list of when presentations go wrong." [Video content]

Bookmarked: Packing a Parachute — ISM’s Travel + Marketing Blog

Packing a Parachute — ISM’s Travel + Marketing Blog – "This post is about the fundamentals for anyone going to give a presentation. I lovingly refer to this as The Holy Sh*t Kit but it can also lovingly be referred to as the Presentation Disaster Kit. It’s everything you need if you show up to presentation and everything goes wrong."<br />
Always make the most junior team member carry this unless that person is me. (Sadly I’m old enough now that that rarely happens!)

Bookmarked: Booher Banter: Presentation Disasters: Recovery Tips

Booher Banter: Presentation Disasters: Recovery Tips – "So far so good. Then just as I clicked on the one and only slide that they really needed to see (versus the other humorous ones), the computer froze. The remote would not move it backward or forward. I stroll to the keyboard itself and click it. No luck. Fortunately, the A/V crew appeared from behind the stage immediately to handle the situation."

Bookmarked: Volvo auto brake fails during demo

Volvo auto brake fails during demo – "Volvo's major new safety feature failed in embarrassing fashion during a press presentation. Called 'Collision Warning with Auto Brake', the technology is supposed to automatically apply the brakes if cameras sense an imminent crash. Unfortunately, the technology broke down in front of a group of journalists at a presentation in Sweden. And sadly for Volvo, some of them were armed with camera phones."