Murphy's Law states: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." This is especially true and especially painful when there is an audience involved.



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It is no longer being updated. It will continue to be maintained for reference purposes.

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It’s always important to have water at the podium. When the AC is out, it’s crucial.

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Overheard on Twitter: Never trust the venue!

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Overheard on Twitter: How do you forget to put the parrot on the checklist?

@GraemeLfx just remembered I’ve forgotten the parrot for my presentation. Disaster ~wardsteve (Steven Ward)

Overheard on Twitter: Should have brought the Kodak projector.

swstevenConference presentation is delayed. AV problems. Should have brought the Kodak projector. @SWsteven (Steven Widmann)

Overheard on Twitter: The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…

Presentation @ Sanderson Library not much fun 'cuz just before getting there I tripped on curb & used knees to stop fal l. In major pain now. ~stormsy (Patricia Storms)

Oh man, not feeling so good today. As long as i don't get sick until AFTER my presentation, then ill be ok. ~donnfelker Donn Felker

Cut myself and got blood on my shirt right before giving a presentation to a room full of middle school guidance professionals. Yes! ~GreatScoot (Adam Scott)

just was not at the top of my game today :( migraine in the middle of my presentation. had to le ave and get sick. ~staceyfranks

Got pink eye - doing much better now that I have drops to use. Of course I have a computer class and city council presentation today. ~tashrow (Tasha)

Overheard on Twitter: Imagine That

#seattlecodecamp murphys law strikes a presentation! If it presentation needs the network it won't be available. Jeff tucker called it. ~darkxanthos (Justin Bozonier)

#seattlecodecamp murphys law strikes a presentation! If it presentation needs the network it won’t be available. Jeff tucker called it. ~darkxanthos (Justin Bozonier)

Overheard on Twitter: “I’m my own worst enemy”

Overheard on Twitter: The “you’re doing it wrong” edition

Overheard on Twitter: What did he say?

This is a tough one to deal with but it’s a good example of why it’s important to have a good understanding of the venue you will be presenting in. Did someone at the facility know ahead of time that the jackhammer was going to be in operation? If there a was pre-meeting site visit, did anyone ask if any renovations were pending? I’m guessing that it was emergency work being done and the event being disrupted was on the casual and informal side. If it was more important than that it might have made sense to have some sort of backup meeting place lined up.

Overheard on Twitter: Been there, done that…

It wasn’t possible to determined the story behind this post from what was on Twitter but I’m sure it’s one we’ve all heard before or actually experienced. I’ll try to contact hofi and see if he or she will be willing to share.