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I joined Google+ the other day and I’m liking it. Still needs a few features and a lot more users but I think it shows a great deal of promise and I can see how it might be a real threat to Facebook and Twitter. In case you were wondering, it’s definitely not another Wave-like social media debacle.

If you are part of the public speaking or presentation professional communities, feel free to add your Google+ info to the directory I started. It’s just a Google doc spreadsheet. Use the form here to add your info: http://bit.ly/qi8tA0. To view the directory, go to http://bit.ly/qMgEHL.

If you prefer,feel free to just add me to one of your circles: http://gplus.to/leepotts.

Need an invitation? Send me your email address and I’ll send one as soon as I can the next time the Google gods make them available.

More Shameless Self Promotion: Nicholas Bate

(Sorry, I don’t want to get carried away with this sort of thing, but you know how it is.)

Author, blogger, business consultant and all around great guy Nicholas Bate was kind enough to name Breaking Murphys Law one of his blogs of the year for 2008.

‘Best Mainstream Topic Handled Differently Blog’ of 2008. There must a billion blogs on presentation skills. But Breaking Murphy’s Law does it differently. A great blog.”

Thank you for your kind words. And thank you for including me such a high-powered group of bloggers (Execupundit, Cultural Offering and Eclecticity). So much for my plan to “phone it in” over the holidays.

Shameless Self Promotion: PowerPoint Ninja

Brent Dykes, PowerPoint Ninja, was kind enough to add Breaking Murphy’s Law to his collection of presentation and PowerPoint resources:

There are many blogs that touch upon these subjects, but only a subset of them are compelling and insightful.

* Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen blog
* Jan Schultink’s Slides that Stick blog
* Lee Potts’ Breaking Murphy’s Law blog
* Geetesh Bajaj’s A PowerPoint Blog

Being mentioned in any group that includes Garr, Jan and Geetesh is pretty cool in and of itself, but being described as “compelling and insightful” by a professional of Brent’s caliber is far more than I ever expected. Thanks!

Welcome PresentationXpert Readers

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Alltop? How did that happen?

Alltop, all the top stories I’d like to thank Guy Kawasaki and his team for including Breaking Murphy’s Law on Alltop’s public speaking site. I’m as honored as I am surprised. After all, Breaking Murphy’s Law is only a little more than two months old. I’d also like to that anyone who suggested BML to them as they we deciding who to include.

Alltop is a really great idea. It can be thought of as a “digital magazine rack” designed to “help you explore your passions by collecting stories from ‘all the top’ sites on the web.” (Alltop. All the top. Get it?)

They have pages for over 60 topics and they’re adding more all the time. Check it out. I guarantee you’ll find a really useful or cool site you had no idea existed.