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Question of the Week: Who are you?

In order to make this blog as useful as possible, I’d like to get a better sense of who is visiting. Please take a moment and answer the following using the poll displayed near the top of the left sidebar.

Are you usually:

  • A presenter with a support team that handles your technical and logistic details?
  • A presenter who handles all of your own technical and logistical details?
  • Someone who supports someone else’s presentation efforts by handling their technical and logistical details?
  • None of the above.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you could provide a little more detail about what you do by submitting a comment to this post. For instance, what sort of environment do you operate in? Corporate? Academic?

I plan to use this information when making choices about post subjects and how to go about discussing a particular subject. I know one question isn’t going to capture everything I need to know so keep an eye out for further noseyness in future Questions of the Week. Thanks for taking the time to participate.