Murphy's Law states: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." This is especially true and especially painful when there is an audience involved.



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The Weekly Might Have Missed List (02/08/09)

Craig Strachan — You will never fit everything in

stopwatch2I have seen many presentations where the speaker says “I have three points to share”, and then about five minutes before the end, he says, “Ok, and now my second point…”. This inevitably ends up in his presentation going overtime, or on him rushing through the last two points of his presentation.

Yale Daily News — Stephen: WordArt and porn

Professors often use Powerpoint presentations that are completely worthless or simply jarring, that often pose more problems than they’re worth. Video clips in slides never open. Ever. They just bring up a picture of the Quicktime icon and leave the professor struggling to find the program on his or her desktop that is, meanwhile, projected to the whole class, who are all the while scanning it for anything moderately incriminating or embarrassing.

Power Presentations — The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I can think of many times where a corporate executive refused my offer to rehearse their presentation. They figured it was better to be “fresh and spontaneous”, but when they got up to the podium and the adrenalin kicked in, the material was not familiar enough and they fumbled and grasped for their words. They lacked confidence and control. The effect on the audience? Out came the Blackberries and the laptops. The presenter failed to engage them.

Nick R Thomas – A Public Speaker’s Blog — The Law of Distraction

The room where they meet at the New Milton Community Centre is very long with windows at the back so the speaker is facing a fairly busy town centre road as well as the audience. I was about halfway through my presentation when a couple of teenagers, one male, one female, glanced through the windows as they were passing, noticed someone with a microphone speaking to an audience and stood gormlessly grinning and waving!

Overnight Sensation — Bill Gates Takes Using Props to the Next Level by Unleashing Swarm of Deadly Bugs on Crowd

Of course the mosquitoes weren’t carrying malaria, but I’m sure quite a few audience members were a bit antsy as the swarm of flying bugs was unleashed. Was this a good idea? In my honest opinion, yes and no.

Talking Points — Justice Scalia Gives Lesson in How Not to Answer Questions

“That’s a nasty, impolite question,” said Scalia. He was responding to a question from 20-year-old Sarah Jeck, a Florida Atlantic University honors college junior.

Can You Hear Me Up the Back? — Rehearsals Might Have Saved Her

JFK’s daughter Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn her candidacy for Hillary Clinton’s old Senate seat, citing ‘personal reasons’. Helping her decision was a firestorm of media ridicule for a interview in which she said “y’know” 139 times. It made the average teenage girl sound like JFK by comparison.

Great Public Speaking — Doors And Windows

When deciding how to set up a presentation room when you have full control of the logistics, pay close attention to these two major distracters . . . doors and windows.

Hotel Chatter — If a Hotel with Cold Water Can Have Free WiFi…

In the decidedly non-tourist town of Zacapa, Guatemala, exists a bare-bones bedpost called Hotel Torre Fuerte, where we stayed recently. A few, uh, highlights: icy cold water spouting from the shower; a golf-ball-size hole on one wall (leading to lord only knows where!); a thin mattress dressed in thinner sheets. Oh yeah, and free wireless Internet.

CrunchGear — Can you explain to me again why I should trust Google?

Say you create the best PowerPoint presentation, filled with evocative action verbs and the like, and store it on your G Drive. You go to work, launch your browser, only to discover that Google is down, taking your presentation with it. What to do? Why bother burning a CD or DVD, or moving the .ppt file over to a cheap thumb drive, when you can store it in the cloud, accessible all over the world—but only when it works!

YouTube — Obama thanks AV crew

3 comments to The Weekly Might Have Missed List (02/08/09)

  • Ian

    Thanks for putting up our Obama video. We're hoping that 2009 will be the year of AV crews getting thanked. Or if that isn't possible, maybe getting fed.

  • Ian

    Thanks for putting up our Obama video. We're hoping that 2009 will be the year of AV crews getting thanked. Or if that isn't possible, maybe getting fed.

  • Ian

    Thanks for putting up our Obama video. We're hoping that 2009 will be the year of AV crews getting thanked. Or if that isn't possible, maybe getting fed.