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The Weekly Might Have Missed List (05/24/09)

So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager…  — Air Walls and The Cranky Customer

airwallThe other day we had two different groups on either side of the ballroom airwall – one was a small group of around 35 people with a presentation and the other side was a group of 110 pharmaceutical sales reps. You can already see the problem. The sales reps had music playing between the breaks, cheering and clapping, all the usual sales mind games. The smaller group on the other side were very quiet and reserved. But they were pissed.

Distinction Services — Worst Presentation Disaster!

Sure enough with 30 peeople standing there, and during a demo of some embedded video in PowerPoint, the laptop froze.

More than PowerPoint — Presentation Diet Plan – Or Superstition?

You see, I can’t just eat ANYTHING on the day of a major presentation. I need to keep my energy up, so protein and carbs need to be on the menu. And I cannot afford a fit of, em, gastronomic distress during a presentation, so greasy, fatty, spicy, and carbonated items are definitely OFF the menu. And as much as I love a glass of wine with a big carby meal, that combo can leave me prone to sleepiness or drunken rambling — both highly undesirable to audience members.

Nick Morgan — Questions for speakers to ask meeting planners

Following is a list of questions that speakers should ask meeting planners in getting ready to speak at an event.  You won’t need to ask all of them all the time; the list is meant to give you a broad set of ideas.

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