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Bookmarked: Projector problems (Media-savvy’s Blog)

Projector problems (Media-savvy’s Blog) – "A group was giving a presentation and they wanted to show a video. The sound was working, but the video would only show up on their laptop screen, not on the projector. We (the audience) could see the media player, but the rest of the “screen” was black. Did you ever experience the same? What is the problem here? How could it be solved?" [I suggested that they make the projector the primary output. Any other ideas?]

1 comment to Bookmarked: Projector problems (Media-savvy’s Blog)

  • I also experienced the same problem… I was so disappointed… I made my presentation for many hours, I used ppt template that I think made my presentation interesting, only to find out that my audience can't see it… Big disappointment!

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