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The Weekly Might Have Missed List (08/23/08)

Geek News Central: Richard Cheese the Ultimate Classless Act — A case study in how to not treat your audience.

The Public Speaking Blog: Book Talk at DP Architects (and What To Do When PPT Fails You) — “The reason why I am asking this question is because it happened to me! Everything was fine till the final minute. My laptop was connected to the projector but no matter what I do, nothing seem to appear on the screen.”

Corporate Presenter: Another TV Presenter Blooper — “A tv presenter must always do his/her research, otherwise you look stupid. And as for the mic handling – rubbish.”

Speak Schmeak: Where do you put your notes? — “Ideally, you will make these arrangements with the organizer of your talk well before the day of the presentation. This is a critical part of your preparation, making sure that all the equipment you need is available.” And Using a lectern: do or don’t? — “But using a lectern is problematic for several reasons.”

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?: Can You Kick The Lectern Habit? — “Here are five reasons why lecterns are bad for your presentation.”

Great Public Speaking: Audio Failure — “Wouldn’t you know it? I just got my laptop back from getting fixed because it was locking up. That problem was fixed beautifully, but the shop must have done something to mess up the headphone / audio output jack which I never thought to check.”

The New Yorker: Going for gold in the bimonthly status meeting by John Kenney — “Al, this is an event dominated by the Dutch, the Swiss, and, to a great extent, the North Koreans. These are active participants in bi-monthly status meetings, people who really prepare, whereas Americans- new to the sport-tend to be far more lethargic, taking it more as a pastime than as something to really prepare for.”

The AV Report: How Many Screens and Lumens? — Make sure you don’t undermine your presentations with the wrong projector or room set up. And Before You Play Back Audio or Video from Your Laptop Computer… — “Bottom line – until all computers and projectors get along in the real world (not the product literature world), AV presentations must be checked and double checked through the exact equipment which will be used on the day of a presentation.”

The Power of Reflection: Presentation Skills: How to Handle Cell Phone Interruptions During a Meeting

Advanced Presentation by Design: A new book about the Extreme Presentation method

8 comments to The Weekly Might Have Missed List (08/23/08)

  • Thanks for the plug Lee. Is your daughter going on any more European trips?

  • Lee, great list as always! “Can You Hear Me Up the Back?” is a new blog for me. Love it.

    And thanks for the links to my blog posts!

  • My pleasure Jeremy. No, I think my daughter has had enough of Europe for a while. I'd like to send myself before sending her again.

  • Glad you're finding the list worthwhile. It's fun digging this stuff up.

    For some reason it seems that at least once a week you post something that fit's in with BML's theme and I'm glad I can pass it on. in fact I think I'm going to mention your presentation timer post next week. Going over your allotted time can be a serious presentation problem. I might be able to get a full-blown post (or two) out of it.

  • Hi Lee,

    I'm glad I can fit in with your theme and help provide fodder for
    posts! We have to take it where we can get it, right? Hence my many
    references to tv shows, movies and sports events!


  • There's also the democratic and republican conventions. Hopefully there will some good fodder coming out of those.

  • There's also the democratic and republican conventions. Hopefully there will some good fodder coming out of those.

  • There's also the democratic and republican conventions. Hopefully there will some good fodder coming out of those.

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